RingTokk Consulting is a registered company since 2013, in United Arab Emirates (UAE) that has specialized in Consulting, Professional and Digital Transformation Services.

Ringtokk Consulting optimizes the use of innovative technologies and communication paradigms such as Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Mobile and Social Networking and the Internet of Things. With the technologies we are capable of guaranteeing maximum effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility for its customers. 

Ringtokk Consulting Solutions is focused on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses in the full range of the business cycle. With a core staff of experienced professionals work closely with clients to anticipate and overcome complex business challenges in areas as Security Services and business transformation. Our experienced consultants have strong knowledge in several areas of expertise in consulting as strategy, marketing and operations in different industries areas.

Our consultancy is provided using two resources:

  • A core group of expert staff consultants who are deployed to work on short and medium-term consultancy assignments across the globe.
  • A larger group of associate consultants who work for us on long-term project assignments often sourced through our framework contracts with major global clients.

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